Original Glazed Donut
Original Glazed Donut
Simple sugar glaze
Boston Cream Donut
Boston Cream Filled Donut
Custard filled and chocolate glazed
Matcha Muscavado Donuts
Matcha Muscovado Donut
Matcha green tea with molasses sugar
Matcha Oreo Donut
Matcha Oreo Donut
Matcha green tea glaze with Oreo cookie crumbles
Chocolate Biscoff Donut
Chocolate Biscoff Donut
Chocolate glazed with Biscoff cookie crumbles
Churro Donut
Churro Donut
Cinnamon & Sugar dipped
Chocolate Churro Donuts
Chocolate Covered Churro Donut
Cinnamon & sugar dipped in chocolate
Coconut Caramel Donut
Coconut Caramel Donut
Coconut flakes and caramel swirl
Cookies and Cream Filled
Cookies and Cream Filled Donut
Cookies and cream top filled with chocolate mousse
Bukayo Donut
Candied coconut shreds
Samoa Donut
Samoa Donut
Chocolate glazed, toasted coconut and caramel swirl
Mango Biscoff Donuts
Mango Biscoff Donut
Mango glaze and Biscoff cookie crumble
Very Berry Donut
Very Berry Donut
Mixed berry and vanilla glaze
PB&J Filled Donut
Peanut butter topped with nuts and filled with jelly
Bavarian Cream
Bavarian Cream Filled Donut
Custard filled donut dusted with powdered sugar
Maple Bacun Donut
Maple glaze and our house made coconut bacun
Chocolate Honay Comb Filled
Chocolate Honay Comb Filled Donut
Chocolate glaze topped with vegan honey comb
Ube Macapuno
Ube Macapuno Donut
Ube (purple yam) glaze with coconut
Chocolate Glazed Donut
Chocolate glazed
Chocolate Dream Filled
Chocolate Dream Filled Donut
Chocolate glaze, dusted with chocolate and filled with chocolate mousse
Snack Attack Donut
Chocolate glaze topped with salty crunchy chips, pretzels and rice crisps
Almond Buttercream Donut
Almond Buttercream Donut
Buttercream frosting and almond slices
Calamansi Basil Donut
Calamansi citrus glaze donut with hints of fresh basil
Chocolate Raspberry Donut
Chocolate Raspberry Donut
Chocolate glazed and raspberry drizzle
maja blanca donut
Maja Blanca Donut
Maja (corn) custard and toasted coconut with caramel
Blueberry Buttercream Donut
Buttercream frosting and blueberry compote
Crème Brûlée Filled Donut
Candied sugar top and cream filling
The Elvis Donut
Peanut butter top with our house coconut bacun, bananas and nuts
Cookie Monster Donut
Cookie Monster Donut
Chocolate glazed with buttercream and cookie chunks
Tropical Fruit Punch Donut
Tropical Fruit Punch Donut
Sugar glazed topped with fresh fruits
Strawberry Shortcake Donut
Vanilla glaze with cake crumbles, fresh strawberries and strawberry syrup drizzle
Orange Chia Donut
Orange Chia Donut
Orange glaze with chia seeds and orange zest
Chocolate Lovers Donut
Chocolate glaze, buttercream, chocolate shavings and fudgey brownie
Coffee Crumble Donut
Coffee Crumble Donut
Coffee glaze and coffee honaycomb crumble
Camp Donut
Camp Donut
Maple glaze and house made granola trail mix
Sans rival donut
Sans Rival Donut
Buttercream frosting, meringue and chopped cashews
Blueberry Almond
Blueberry Almond Donut
Blueberry glaze with almond slices
Chocolate Coconut Donut
Chocolate Coconut Donut
Chocolate glaze with coconut shavings
Apple Pie Donut
Cinnamon sugar apples and crumbly crust top
Chocolate Mocha Donut
Mocha glaze and chocolate oreo dirt
Coconut Cream Pie Donut
Coconut cream and toasted coconut shavings
Peanut Butter & Chocolate Donut
Chocolate glaze with a peanut butter squiggle
Ginger Carrot Cake Donut
Ginger glaze with spiced carrot cake top
Chocolate Orange Donut
Chocolate glaze with orange vanilla drizzle
Jelly Filled Donut
Jelly filled and dusted with sugar
Coffee Crumb Cake Donut
Coffee glaze with honaycomb and cake crumble top
Ube Donut
Ube cream topped with langka and frosting
Feelin Blue Filled Donut
Blueberry vanilla glaze with a blueberry compote bowl
Pumpkin Spiced & Everything Nice Donut
Spiced pumpkin glaze with chocolate squiggles
Cookie Crumb Donut
Vanilla glaze with broken cookie crumbs